ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses

As a modern web application, it can be operated as a cloud-based solution or on-premise (in your own infrastructure). Let your data work for you and centralize your business processes with dragon.ERP. Thanks to a large portfolio of customizing, a large number of customer adjustments/extensions can be implemented.

  • High degree of individualization possible (customizing)
  • Modern access and authorization concept (groups, roles, authorization objects)
  • Client-based
  • Individual interfaces to “legacy systems” possible (including for migration)
  • Modern reporting (Excel, Winword, PDF)
  • Consistent interface design and operating concept
  • B2B interface for customer orders (direct order creation possible)
  • BOM production and work step configuration options
  • Paperless business processes
  • FIBU Datev interface

You will then receive a brief insight into the modules and various process details.

Partner management

  • automatic email address determination
  • Automatic shipping cost position determination for customer orders
  • Freely scalable location and address determination

Material and product management

  • Freely configurable manufacturing processes
  • Bulk update for price changes
  • Adjustable pricing with customer reference
  • Mapping to the manufacturer part number. (MPN)
  • BOM evaluations

Order management

  • Freely configurable “order workflow”
  • Automatic email generation including PDF attachments
  • Configurable goods movements
  • B2B order management
  • FIBU Datev Export

Production control

  • Possibility of production step confirmation by employees
  • Freely configurable special processing in production steps
  • Determination/evaluation of requirements for manufacturing materials
  • Quality management and evaluation options

Materials and warehouse management

  • Picking lists including partial quantity picking (stornable)
  • Inventory value determination, e.g. at the end of the day
  • Report/minimum/maximum stock messages generation

Employee management (authorization)

  • Assignment of employees to production processes (release or confirmation)
  • Quick creation of new employees including assignment of the corresponding authorization

Technical details

  • Oracle database
  • Oracle APEX browser application
  • Oracle database as a basis
  • Oracle Apex based
  • Responsive Design
  • Server for reporting and printing
  • AD Integration (LDAP)

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